“I kinda, sort of know what I want – I think”. Are you stuck in the loop of indecision and sleepless nights because you are not taking action? Don’t worry it’s normal to feel that way, it’s a good thing so let’s put it that energy to good use. The first thing you should do is signup to the Make Your Own Luck Club so you can be emailed inspiration and actions to get your ideas out of your head and into the world!


“I am happy with my idea – mostly…” Ok, so you have sketched out your ideas and strategy, but how do you stay motivated to keep working on the business idea? What small things can you put in place to make your life easier down the track. (Like a well managed email list.) Simply signup to the ‘Make Your Own Luck Club‘ so you can be emailed great tools that I have found and more inspiration for staying on track!


“Yey – I know what I want and am ready to get it out there!” Hooray, congratulations on getting this far. Now we get to jump into the fun stuff, getting your gorgeous ideas out there! We now sit down and work out the best communication strategy you can actually use. Don’t over commit, stick to a couple of social media channels and ‘work it’ – baby! Signup to the ‘Make Your Own Luck Club‘ to get my insights on the hottest marketing tools and trends.


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Beautiful sayings about ‘Failing’ (in pictures)

Shakespeare tells us ”The course of true love never did run smooth” and that couldn’t be more true for running your own business!
I am not embarrassed to say I have failed PLENTY of times. However if […]

Why Pinterest is great for your startup business

What is Pinterest? 
Firstly if you don’t know what Pinterest is or how it works here’s my quick overview. Pinterest is like an online digital corkboard where you can insert (Pin) any images direct from […]